Feedback Mechanism

Feedback collection: The feedback on Curriculum is collected from various stake holders like students, alumni, teachers and employers at the end of every year as part of the quality initiative of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the College. A Feedback committee is constituted to draft a questionnaire comprising questions (5 point rating scale questions) on curriculum and academic performance, ambience, and overall satisfaction. Adequate changes will be made, if required, in the questionnaire every year as per need. The questionnaire is finalized and approved by the IQAC and used for data collection from stake holders. Data is collected using either offline or online using Google Forms from the stakeholders.

Feedback Analysis: The feedback collected from various stakeholders is analyzed by the IQAC and overall feedback is consolidated. IQAC also prepares department wise feedback, which is intimated to the respective departments for further action.

Action Plan: The departments analyze the feedback and take various actions in light of the feedback received. This may include suggestions to make changes to curriculum, teaching methods, or infrastructure. The Action Taken Report from each department is communicated to IQAC. The IQAC consolidates all the action taken reports from the departments and prepares the institutional action taken report for the feedback of the respective year. This report is submitted to the appropriate bodies, such as the university and the governing body.
The feedback analysis and action taken report are communicated to the stakeholders through various channels, such as the college website, email, and notice boards.

Sample Filled in Feedback forms

Stakeholders Feedback Analysis

IQAC Action Taken Report on Stakeholders Feedback

Action Taken Report on Stakeholders Feedback – Department wise