Internal Quality Assurance Cell is the prime agency in the college that looks into the quality and standard of the teaching-learning process. The cell meets regularly and evaluates how the best quality checks can be answered. It gives necessary motivation and guidance to the teachers on what steps to be taken in maintaining and enhancing quality. It takes feedback from its stakeholders like students, parents, and alumni and tries to better the quality and extent of our service. It also sets the academic priorities of the institution and monitors the implementation of the prioritized schemes. It also organizes several seminars and workshops for the purpose of enriching and developing the personal resources of the faculty and students. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

IQAC Reconstitution 2020-2021

A. Chairperson 

1. Dr. Bijimol Thomas – Principal

B.      Senior Administrative   Officers

2.    Dr. Saju Abraham- Vice Principal
3.    Smt. Liz Jacob –Librarian
4.    Smt. Shelji E.V –Junior Superintendent

C.      Teaching Faculty

5.  Dr. Anju T.R – Assistant Professor, Department of Botany & Biotechnology
6.    Ms. Jisha Jacob – Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
7.    Dr. M.V. Krishnakumar –Assistant Professor, Department of History
8.    Ms. Princy Jacob –Assistant Professor, Department of English
9.    Ms. Divya James –Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
10. Dr. Cincy George –Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
11. Ms. Dary John –Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
12. Mr. Noble C Kurian- Associate Professor, Department of Physics