The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is a pivotal component of Newman College dedicated to ensuring and enhancing the quality of education and institutional processes. IQAC of Newman College aims to ensure that the institution's commitment to quality becomes an integral part of its ethos and operations.  Its primary mission is to establish and implement robust mechanisms for continuous assessment, monitoring, and improvement of academic programs, administrative functions, and overall institutional effectiveness. IQAC focuses on promoting a culture of excellence, innovation, and accountability within the College, fostering a collaborative approach that involves stakeholders from various domains like students, parents, teachers, and alumni  IQAC develops and implements policies, guidelines, and frameworks to assess and maintain quality standards, facilitate self-evaluation, conduct regular audits, and provide feedback for sustainable improvements.


To cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and excellence within the institution, emphasizing the internalization of quality-focused initiatives with support from both internal and external stakeholders.

NAAC Certificates of Accreditation - Fourth Cycle
NAAC Certificates of Accreditation - Third Cycle