Manaswini- Newman College Women’s Forum

Manaswini is the Idam or the space created for the women community of our college. It is conceived as a platform where the women can come together, exhibit their talents, raise their concerns, boost their confidence, pursue their aspirations, nurture their passions, assert their identity and thereby elevate their status, freedom and individuality. The forum also attempts to throw light on the gender constructs of the society and exhort the people to think and act beyond the stereotypical gender roles and accept all genders and mutually support them. The forum organises seminars, invited lectures, skill development programmes like driving classes and fitness training, legal awareness programmes,  various competitions, celebrations etc. in order to create awareness and to provide opportunities for the women community to identity and promote their talents. Prominent and influential personalities are invited to the college as resource persons in various gender sensitisation programmes organized by Manaswini. The forum also tries to develop entrepreneurial skills among the women students by organising programmes like Food Fest, Exhibition and sale. The forum also takes initiative in addressing the grievances of the women students and to provide good amenities for the women community of the college. Gender audit is conducted by Newman College Women’s Forum every year to identity gender imbalances in the college, if any and to suggest mechanisms which ensure gender equality.


Co ordinators
Ms. Sona George
Dr. Sona Jose