SC/ ST Monitoring Cell

SC/ ST Monitoring Cell

The SC/ST Monitoring Cell is constituted to promote the welfare of SC/ST students. It takes care to provide them with all assistance available from the government in addition to addressing their personal problems. Their progress is examined periodically and great care is taken to see that they are not marginalized in the college.

  1. Aims and Objectives
    • Policy Implementation and Monitoring: To implement, monitor, and evaluate the reservation policy in the university continuously, ensuring its alignment with the objectives and targets set by the Government of India and the UGC.
    • Reservation Policy Implementation: Specifically focus on the implementation of the reservation policy for SC/ST in the college.
    • Guidance and Counselling: Provide guidance and counselling to students on academic, financial, social, and other matters.
    • Promoting Diversity: Enhance the diversity within the campus, fostering an inclusive educational environment.
  2. Functions
    • Equity and Equal Opportunity: Ensure equity and equal opportunity for the community at large in the college, thereby promoting social inclusion.
    • Socially Congenial Atmosphere: Create a conducive social environment for academic interaction and the growth of healthy interpersonal relationships among students from diverse social backgrounds.
    • Addressing Discrimination: Assist individuals or groups from disadvantaged sections of society in dealing with issues related to discrimination.
    • Grievance Redressal: Address and provide amicable solutions to the grievances of the weaker sections of society.
    • Progress Monitoring: Organize periodic meetings to monitor the progress of various schemes and initiatives.
    • Sensitization: Sensitize the college community about the challenges and problems faced by SC/ST students.


Dr. Jenni K Alex  ( Principal)       Chairman
Dr. Krishnakumar M V       (Assistant Professor )      Coordinator
Dr. Jerome K Jose   ( Assistant Professor )      Member
Sr. Jayamol Thomas      Office Superintendent       Member
Abhinav Santhosh        Student Representative       Member

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