The Catholic Students Movement (CSM) is a faith-based organization committed to the spiritual and value-based development of students. It acts as a platform where Catholic students, along with faculty members from various departments, collaborate to foster personal growth and community engagement rooted in Catholic values. All Catholic students of the college are considered ordinary members of CSM, while Catholic staff members serve as honorary advisors. This structure ensures a supportive environment for students to explore and deepen their faith, engage in community service, and develop leadership skills, all within the context of their educational journey.

Catholic Students Movement (CSM) 2021-2022: A Comprehensive Report

Introduction The Catholic Student Movement (CSM) at Newman College is a pivotal organization dedicated to nurturing the spiritual, moral, and intellectual growth of its members. The academic year of 2021-2022 witnessed a diverse range of programs organized by CSM, both online and offline, reflecting its commitment to holistic student development.

Moulding Graduates with Human Values and Righteousness On July 25, 2022, CSM organized a significant program titled "Moulding Graduates with Human Values and Righteousness." This event aimed at encouraging students to thoughtfully adopt values that resonate with contemporary challenges. Activities included music, interactive sessions, and adoration. Notably, around 180 Catholic students attended, with Jinto John Pottackal from Thermo Fisher, Maryland, USA, and Jith George, Assistant Professor at Parul University, Gujarat, as session leaders. This program stood out for its approach to discussing social themes through creative means.

Annual Activities Overview CSM's annual calendar was rich and varied, catering to different aspects of student life and faith. Some key activities included:

  • Daily Intercession (From July 2021): A sustained spiritual practice.
  • NALLA AYALKKARAN (Started July 2021): An initiative where students took a '20 rupees challenge' to help peers afford internet connectivity.
  • First Friday Holy Mass (From November 2021): Regular mass gatherings.
  • Online Prayer Meetings and Fellowship (Saturdays): Virtual sessions for community building.
  • Online Rosary Worship (October 19-28, 2021): A focused period of worship and reflection.
  • Campus Warriors Sub-region Gathering (November 11, 2021, at Palai): A significant regional event.
  • Core Team Training Programme (November 26-28, 2021, at NESTT Muvattupuzha): Training for CSM's core team members.
  • Crib Making and Christmas Celebration (December 23, 2021): Celebrating Christmas with traditional activities.
  • Offline Fellowship Gatherings (From January 2022): Weekly physical meetings for students.
  • Come and See Programme (February 12, 2022): An event specifically for first-year students.
  • Farewell Meeting (March 31, 2022): To bid farewell to third-year students.
  • BLISS (May 19-22, 2022, at Nirmala HSS): A multi-day event.
  • EDGE (Every Day God Encounter, May 10-15, 2022, in Thiruvananthapuram): An immersive spiritual experience.
  • Night Vigils (Every Second Friday): Regular nocturnal prayer sessions.

Impact and Significance These activities highlight CSM's dedication to creating a supportive and enriching environment for students. Through these initiatives, CSM not only fostered spiritual growth but also addressed practical concerns like internet connectivity for education. The varied nature of events - from prayer meetings to training programs and social gatherings - indicates CSM's comprehensive approach to student development.

The Catholic Students Movement at Newman College has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for adapting to changing circumstances, such as the shift between online and offline activities. Its focus on instilling human values and righteousness, along with addressing contemporary challenges faced by students, showcases its role as a cornerstone in the holistic development of students. The CSM's activities during the 2021-2022 academic year reflect its commitment to nurturing a vibrant, supportive, and spiritually enriching community.