Code of Conduct

  • The Managing Board of the College consists of the Patron, the Manager, Principal and the members nominated by the Manager and should work with mutual understanding and respect to uphold the vision and mission of the College.
  • The Managing Board should ensure the academic profile of the College, and try to open new avenues for its developments
  • The timely maintenance of the infrastructure and channelling funds for the further development of the institution and initiating remedial measures should be the prime concern of the Managing Board.
  • It should maintain transparency and fairness in all kind of administrative activities.
  • It should ensure the taking of feedbacks from students, staff, parents, and non-teaching staff from time to time, and take necessary steps to improve the service of the College at all levels.
  • It should maintain vibrant relationship of the College with the local community and ensure their participation in the welfare of the College.
  • It should ensure non-discriminatory practices in the College providing equal opportunity to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race and sex.
  • The Managing Board should take active steps to implement regulations and requirements demanded by State and National Governments, and Councils for Higher Education.
  • The Managing Board should meet at least once in a year but it is advised to meet as frequently as possible.