• 1963
    October 21, 1963
    Application for the College centeritted to the University

  • 1964
    May 5, 1964
    Provisional sanction obtained

    May 9, 1964
    Foundation stone laid by Rev. Fr. Thomas Peechatt, in charge of construction

    May 27, 1964
    College office opened at the temporary site (town church building) by Rev. Dr. John Vallamattam, the Founder Secretary.

    June 21, 1964
    The first Principal Rev. Dr. Theobald C.M.I. took charge

    June 21, 1964
    Rt. Rev. Mgr. mathew Vellankal took over as Manager in the place of Rt. Rev. Mgr. Kuriakose Nambiaparambil

    July 7, 1964
    Provisional affiliation from University of Kerala

    July 7, 1964
    The college was inaugugurated by H.E. Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathew Pothanamuzhy with 400 students

    December 15, 1964
    College shifted to the permanent site

  • 1965
    December 3, 1965
    Ten thousand volumes added to the college library, thanks to the efforts of Rev. Fr. Paul Tharaniyil