Entrepreneur Development Club

The growth of an economy is directly correlated with the growth of business enterprises. The generation of income, employment opportunity, infrastructure development, social upliftment and wealth maximization of a nation depends heavily on the success of business entities. Hence, entrepreneurs play a crucial role in the 360-degree development of a nation like India. The young Indian population have great potential to transform themselves from mere employee to potential employer. The development of an entrepreneurial mindset set the pre-condition for the establishment of any new venture. Entrepreneurship development club plays the most significant role in the inculcation and induction of entrepreneurial traits into the minds of young scholars who aspire to become successful entrepreneurs. With the vision of ‘Development of an entrepreneurial eco-system for the incubation and establishment of start-ups’, the ED Club of Newman College Thodupuzha is serving its duty as a mentor to inspire talented youngsters to view the business world with a new perspective.
The Entrepreneurship Development Club of Newman College Thodupuzha was registered on 11th December 2019 with the Directorate of Industries and Commerce under the Entrepreneurship Development Club programme of the Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala
The mission of the club is ‘To set a laboratory for the experimentation of ideas, thereby propelling them to reach new orbit and niche market with the intelligent views of business skills.’ Scientifically designed and planned programs are undertaken to nurture entrepreneurial talents in the scholars. Industry acquaintance programs, discussions on business ideas, seminars and workshops aim to fill the entrepreneurial gap in the vibrant campus.

Dr. Boney Bose
ED Club Coordinator

To create an entrepreneurial culture among faculty members, students and alumni.

Organize FDP, SDP, seminars and workshops, distinguish talks for students, faculties and alumni and promote entrepreneurial culture.

Focus more on innovation-driven entrepreneurship from student projects.

Encourage more women entrepreneurs.

To promote start-up initiatives from faculties and students.

To help student groups to prototype their ideas.

Incubation facility for faculty-driven start-ups and student/alumni start-ups.

To design and develop innovative products of social relevance.


Entrepreneurship Development Club (EDC) of Newman College, is a platform for the students to develop and foster entrepreneurship skills. The club is involved in activities that promote entrepreneurial skill among students by conducting various hands-on training workshops, seminars, discussions, experience sharing with the leading successful business entrepreneurs and conducting industrial visits. It also aims to create a partnership between leading business/ industrial establishments and larger student community in creating entrepreneurial culture.


'PACHAKUDUKKA 2022' - Selling of organic farm products

Entrepreneurship Development Club successfully hosted two day program ‘PACHAKUDUKKA’ in association with KADS, Thodupuzha on 19th August 2022 at college campus. The program was inaugurated by college principal Dr. Bijimol Thomas. Home made cuisines, organic fruits and vegetables were sold out by ED Club members. These may not be the conventional list of vegetables we eat everyday but they were once part of the Malayali cuisine and had slowly disappeared from the market-driven home kitchens. The new generation is initiated into farming and it reduces overdependence on market and provides homes with protein-rich vegetables free of pesticides. Pachakudukka is aimed not  only  at providing pesticide-free vegetables and tubers to consumers but is also providing income and rekindling an interest in farming among students. Classes in farming and traditional food recipes were given to the club members.. This will not only instils saving habit in them but also make them aware of our traditional food habits.

PACHAKUDUKKA focused to inculcate entrepreneurial skills, marketing ability , finance control and team spirit among student community. An important feature of Pachakudukka is that vegetables grown in houses that are surplus to requirements are given to consumers. The products were made at lower price and better quality to the staff and students of Newman college and they utilise it in a very well manner.


As a part of ED CLUB, Dr. Shibin Mohanan, Department of Botany, Nirmala college, was invited to train students. Initiatives were provided to interested students of different departments who were willing to take part in such activities. The overall activities were conducted under the directions of Capt. Prageesh C. Mathew, H.O.D, Post Graduate Department of commerce. Department of Commerce, Department of Physics, Department of Mathematics were given the initiatives to make necessary arrangements with the help of concerned departments. Thus the innovational ideas by students regarding these activities brought out a modern technique of performing those activities through improved techniques and facilities.

These activities which were carried on from the earlier period by ordinary people, were provided with new ideologies and suggestions by students. They had been motivated through training programs which were conducted by experts who could built up an ideal entrepreneur.

The funds that were available within the ED club were used to buy equipment and tools that could be provided to students taking part.

They had finally started looking forward to start up these activities their own as arrangements were provided by the clubs in the college. Within one year time span, honey and fish were harvested in the presence of college ED club members.