Botanical Garden – Green Initiatives

Botanical Garden  (Newman college’s commitment to Biodiversity conservation)

Botanical gardens are essential hubs of biodiversity, showcasing a vibrant collection of plant
species from across the world. They also serve as hubs for botanical research, allowing scientists to study
plant classification, ecosystems, and preservation. Through educational activities and community
engagement, botanical gardens encourage environmental responsibility and advocate for sustainable

Herbal Garden

The college houses a well-developed medicinal plant garden that cultures a variety
of medicinally important herbs, shrubs and trees. Spread in a well-defined area, the
garden imparts training and vital impetus to research in herbal drugs for the
students and scholars. The financial support for setting up of this garden was
provided by Ministry of Ayush and State Medicinal Plant Board, Govt.
of Kerala).

Butterfly garden

Newman College Thodupuzha takes pride in its flourishing Butterfly Garden, a unique and enchanting addition to its campus with the support of Department of Social Forestry, Gov. of Kerala. This garden is a testament to the college's commitment to biodiversity conservation and provides an educational and recreational haven for students and the local community. The garden is home to a diverse array of butterfly species, both native and migratory. It serves as a habitat for various life stages of butterflies, from eggs and larvae to pupae and adults. This diversity provides a unique opportunity for students and visitors to observe and study these fascinating insects up close.