Dear Student,
 Our college is one among the 18 colleges selected for the prestigious Scheme for
Trans-disciplinary Research for India’s Developing Economy (STRIDE)
( of the UGC.
 This is a golden opportunity for you to become a part of this three-year project titled
An Institutional Project for the Sustainability Initiatives in the Western Ghats in
the Idukki District in Kerala which addresses the study of the sustainability issues
in Idukki region in the backdrop of the Gadgil, Kasturirangan, and Oommen
Committee reports.
 There will be a chance for 100 selected students to join this project as ‘UG research
fellow’. Selection will be based on an interview for assessing your commitment and
 The project will make your academic life exciting and dynamic and will facilitate your
intellectual growth.
 Through this trans-disciplinary research, you will get an exciting opportunity to
interact with specialists from different areas and to carry out an action-oriented and
high-impact research activity.
 The project involves a field study which requires traveling to the various villages in
Idukki district and spending time with the local people, conducting surveys, holding
meetings, interviewing people as a part of a systematic study, under the supervision
from your teachers.
 The studies which you conduct can percolate into a curricular project for your final
 You will be financially supported for your travel to, and the stay at, the various
exotic locations in the District.
 If you assess yourselves as sincere and excited about reaching out to common
people and interacting with them, interested in involving in solving problems faced
by them, committed to a cause to the end, and aspiring to do your curricular project
differently, then, you are a suitable candidate.
 If so, please do fill up the details given.

STRIDE project