Scheme for Trans-disciplinary Research for India's Developing Economy (STRIDE) is a quality mandate proposed by UGC to promote quality research by faculty and students. It aims at promoting the creation of new knowledge, inculcate innovative and cognitive thinking, and improving the quality of doctoral research. It plans to add new disciplines for research support with a thrust on research capacity building and trans-disciplinary research for facilitating India's developing economy. As a quality assurance strategy, STRIDE promotes action-oriented research and high-impact research among motivated faculty from diverse disciplines focusing on issues and problems related to local, regional, and national Levels.

STRIDE and Newman College
Newman College is one among the 18 colleges in India selected for the prestigious STRIDE project. This is a golden opportunity for the students and faculty of Newman College to become a part of this three year project. Our project “An Institutional Research Scheme on the Sustainable Development Issues in the Western Ghats in Idukki , Kerala” addresses the study of sustainability issues of Western Ghats in Idukki region in the backdrop of Gadgil, Kasturirangan, and Oommen V Oommen Committee reports.
The development of suitable sustainable strategies for the Western Ghats has become the need of the hour. The promotion of inclusive and participatory governance approaches to development can be recommended since the ground situation for people's participation in development is mandatory for most parts of the Western Ghats. How to maintain a sustainable livelihood by the inhabitants of the region has to be highly examined and to be brought to the attention of the policy makers.
STRIDE Project of Newman aims at training young teachers, research scholars and students to find out solutions to the policy of paralysis through the application of the theory of Deliberative Democracy. The institutional research capacity building process is effected through the training of the personnel and the subsequent implementation of a locally sensitive and socially relevant project on sustainable development of ecologically sensitive regions of Idukki District of Kerala.
STRIDE Project of Newman aims at Inculcating a trans-disciplinary research culture among our faculty and students. Providing an excellent research experiences with our faculty and students. Ensuring high quality training sessions to shape their research career. Training them on most modern research techniques and software.

The methodology part of the project deals with two constituent elements; 1) the democratic element ie the participation in the collective decision making by the people who are affected by the policy decision and 2) the policy making process through deliberations by the participants committed to the values of rationality and impartiality. The deliberative process also includes the exchange of policy documents among different groups, providing the opportunity to reflect on
these policies and enabling of these policies to be processed interactively and tested against rival arguments. This will help reach at policy decisions acceptable to all parties concerned. Since the proposed project involves evolving solutions for an ongoing conflict, the participating students and young faculty will acquire the critical thinking skills through the project.
Training Methods –
The training methods mainly focus on
1. Sensitization programmes among affected communities.
2. Extensive grassroots level visits and field survey to collate the opinions, objections and problems of the
affected people of the region.
3. Scientific mapping of the ecological and biological richness, weakness and challenges in conservation.
4. Consolidation of Topographical mapping of the area
5. Consolidation of Geological survey and documentation of the landslide prone areas in the district.
6. Consolidation of Agriculture land usage Survey.
7. Documentation of all the activities of the study.

Mentoring and Mentoring Committee (MMC)
We have three renowned scholars as the members of MMC to monitor the activities of the STRIDE Project.
1. Dr. G Gopakumar (Former Vice Chancellor ,Central University, Kerala & MMC Chairman)
2. Dr. Cyriac Thomas (Former Vice Chancellor, MG University and CUSAT )
3. Prof. Biju Paul (Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta)

UG Research Fellows
The studies carried out by 100 selected students under the guidance of their mentoring faculty can percolate into a curricular project for their final year project .The project will make the academic life of students exciting, dynamic and definitely facilitate their intellectual growth. Our 100 selected students are ‘UG research fellows’.
STRIDE at Newman College so far at a glance
Title of the Project- An Institutional Project on the Sustainability Issues of the Western Ghats Region in the Idukki District of Kerala”. (Component 1-Research Capacity Building and Human Resource Development.

Events Date Remarks
Appointment of Dr. P.A Jose, Head, Department of Economics as Project coordinator and
Dr. Joe Jacob, Head , Department of Physics as project coordinator
2 September 2019
Project Submission to UGC 30 September . 2019 Interface meeting with Expert Committee and Project presentation
27 November 2019
Project approval and Financial assistance of 95 Lakh
3 December 2019
Appointment of Nominees for MMC ,
1. Prof. Gopakumar , Chair of MMC , Former VC, Central University of Kerala
2. Dr. Cyraic Thomas, Former VC, MG University, Kottayam
3. Dr. Biju Paul Abraham IIM, Calcutta
16 December 2019
Approval of Grant -in –aid of 47,50,000 as first installment
21 January 2020
Appointment of Dr. Jenni K. Alex, Head, Department of Economics as new coordinator
3 March 2021

Appointment of New core committee members
1. Dr. M.V Krishnkumar ,
Head, Department of History
2. Sri. Xavier Kurian P.
Asst. Professor , Department of Economics
3. Smt. Deepthi Louis,
Asst. Professor , Department of Commerce
4. Sri. Bany Joy ,
Asst.Professor , Department of Zoology
5 Sri. Noble C. Kurian,
Asst. Professor , Department of Physics
4 March 2021

Core committee meeting and Action Plan
12 March 2021
Discussion with Dr. Cyraic Thomas
Interface with Prof. Prof. Gopakumar, Chair of MMC and Project Presentation at Trivandrum 18 March 2021