Principal’s desk

As we proudly enter the Diamond Jubilee year, let's renew our commitment to excellence, integrity, service, and love. Let's transcend our current boundaries and dedicate ourselves to each other and society. Our college places utmost value on holistic, professional, and socially relevant education. Recognizing each student's uniqueness, we, as educators, embrace the responsibility to nurture and prepare them for life.

In our pursuit of contributing to the nation and humanity, we acknowledge the selfless service of our Founding Fathers, administrators, faculty, non-teaching staff, and alumni. We carry forward the legacy of higher education, striving to enhance the foundation laid for students' all-round development.

As we embark on another year, let us collectively embed the idea that quality assurance is integral to every facet of our institution. Together we can fulfill the vision of Newman College that aims at transforming the youth into competent, morally upright, and socially responsible individuals who can thrive in the global arena while contributing to the welfare of their communities and society.