Name of the scholar Year of registration of the scholar Title of the Synopsis Research Centre


Ashraf Shah CM 2017 Rereading multiculturalism: A Foucauldian reading of select Canadian narratives Department of English
Clint Peter Roy 2017 Imagined religions constructing new atheism in select postmodern fiction Department of English
Anju Binukumar 2019 Representing Drug Crisis: A study of post millennial South Asian Fiction Department of English
Rasuna Rasheed 2019 Constructing the female Muslim self: A study of gender and sexuality in select South Asian women’s fiction Department of English
Liz George 2019 Functionalised graphene based composites for electronic and biomedical applications Department of Chemistry
Sr. Emy Tomy 2019 Metal oxide semiconductor nanocomposites for electronics and biomedical applications Department of Chemistry
Joicy George 2020 Functionally modified graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide for electrochemical, biological and environmental applications Department of Chemistry
Meenu Varghese 2020 Synthesis and Characterisation of novelmetal/polymer/graphene oxide ternary nanocomposites for electric applications Department of Chemistry
Tijo Antony 2020 Nanocellulose /Polyactic Aid Nanocomposite for packing Applicationa: The role of interface Modification on the Barrier Properties Department of Chemistry
Krishnaprasad K R 2020 Photonic Quantum Information Processing Department of physics