Scholars awarded with Ph.D  Area of Research Title of Thesis Year of Award Research centre
Aloysius Sabu N Nanoscience Synthesis, characterization and electron beam irradiation studies of selected nanocrystalline tungstates and their polyaniline composites 2018 Physics
Babitha K Kuniyil Nanoscience Synthesis and characterisation of cerium oxide nanoparticles and their composities 2018 Physics
Biju K G Astrophysics Radio and optical studies of a selected sample of giant radio galaxies and a merging galaxy Abell 407 2018 Physics
Sheena P A Nanoscience Studies on the properties of pristine and doped nickel oxide nanoparticles. 2021 Physics
Umadevi K S Metamaterials Resonant properties of flexible split ring resonator metamaterial structures for different structural and dielectric parameters 2021 Physics
Sitha H Nanoscience 2021 Physics
Seenamol K Stephen Nanoscience Synthesis and characterization of pristine and doped nanocrystalline BaWO4 2022 Physics
Francis Xavier P A Nanoscience Investigations on certain highly conducting polymer nanocomposites for technologically important applications 2022 Physics