Minority Cell

Minority Cell

The Minority Cell of the college was established with the primary objective of empowering minority communities within the college community.

The college is committed to providing educational and cultural support to all students, regardless of their caste, creed, or nationality. The Minority Cell plays a crucial role in assisting minority students, including those from Christian and Muslim backgrounds, in their academic development.


  1. Promote Equal Educational Opportunities: The primary goal of the Minority Cell is to promote and ensure equal opportunities for education among minority students within the college.
  2. Facilitate Financial Support: The Minority Cell aims to facilitate financial assistance to students belonging to minority communities through governmental agencies and various other funding sources.
  3. Encourage Career Orientation Programs: The cell encourages minority students to participate in career orientation programs such as WWS, SSP, ASAP, and others. These programs equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed career choices.


Dr. Jenni K Alex (Advisor)

Fr. Benson N Antony (Member)

Sr. Leena P Kuriakose (Member)

Dr. Anu Mary John (Member)

Naveen Johny (Student Representative)

Riya Raigin (Student Representative)