The Biotechnology laboratory at Newman College supported by the grants from DBT, Govt. of India under DBT Star CollegeScheme; DST FIST, Govt. of India; RUSA, Govt. of India and UGC, Govt. of India was designed for carrying out basic experiments in the curriculum of under graduate students. The lab also caters the demands of research works in the areas of microbiology, Plant tissue culture, nanoscience and basic science. The lab is

The basic facilities in the lab include:

  • Plant Tissue Culture lab:

 A Plant Tissue Culture lab is set up under UGC Add on program grant with an inoculation area and an incubation room.

  • Microbial culture facilities:

Inoculation area with Laminar air flow cabinet (Labline) and Sterilization and decontamination facilities

  • Tissue processing and buffer/ reagent preparation facilities
  • Agrose gel electrophoresis facility with UV transilluminator for detection
  • Paper and Thin Layer Chromatography
  • Plant extracts isolation facility
  • Microscopic imaging facility

Equipment: Laminar Air Flow cabinet, Autoclave, Incubator, Hot air oven, Microwave oven, Rotary shaker, Table top centrifuge, Colorimeter, Soxlet apparatus, AGE unit with UV transilluminator, Trinocular stereozoom microscope with camera, pH meter, Weighing balance, Magnetic stirrer, Micropipettes and other common laboratory instruments.