Mathematics and Statistics

The inception of the Department of Mathematics dates back to 1964, when it commenced its Pre-Degree program. The department has since been committed to nurturing young minds with a rigorous academic curriculum. Its unwavering commitment to excellence is evidenced by an uninterrupted stream of triumphs in both Mathematics and Statistics.
From its inception, the department has endeavored to establish unparalleled teaching standards that inspire students to pursue excellence while cultivating a sense of social responsibility. Professor T.S. Chacko, a pioneering mathematician, was appointed as a teacher and Head of the Department (HOD) of Mathematics and under his astute leadership it achieved great heights. The year 1967 marked a
significant milestone for the department when it attained First Grade status by obtaining affiliation for B.Sc. Mathematics. In 1970, it was indeed a momentous occasion when the first batch of B.Sc. Mathematics students graduated from this esteemed institution. Professor Thomas Paily joined the department in 1969 followed by Professor M.M George and Sr Vincent Mary who joined in 1970 as Statistics faculty; Sr Gracy Joseph became part of this distinguished faculty in 1977.
The esteemed team at Newman College Mathematics and Statistics department experienced growth with the appointment of Professor Aney Joseph to the Department of Mathematics in 1978, followed by Professor Marykutty Thomas’ arrival one year later in 1979. Subsequently, Professors M.C.Thomas (1981), Rani John (1983), Baby Joseph (1983) and Geetha Joseph (1984) were welcomed into Newman College’s revered mathematics community while Dr. K.J John became an esteemed member of its Statistics department that same year.
Further expansion saw Dr. K.V.Alice grace Mathematics department with her expertise upon joining its staff complement in 1989, while Dr Jane A.Luke brought distinction to its Statistics Department following her appointment ten years later in 1999.
In the year 1984, Professor T.S. Chacko was promoted to the esteemed position of Vice Principal, signifying a momentous period for the Department of Mathematics as it launched its M.Sc. Mathematics course. During this time, there were several leadership changes within the department: Professor P.K Joseph Panjikaran became HOD after being transferred from Nirmala College and served from 1984-1986; in 1985, he was succeeded by Professor P.V Joseph who had been transferred from Nirmala College to Newman College where he held the position until his retirement as Vice Principal. Professor K. Bhaskaran Nair joined the department in 1988 as HOD and served until his retirement in 1993. Sr. Gracy Sebastian also worked in the Department from 1988- 1989. Prof. George Joson who joined in 1991 and Sr.Mary Jacob two years later in 1993 but sadly passed away on May 25th, 1999. Prof. T.S. Chacko, who assumed the position of Principal of the college in 1988, concluded his illustrious service in 1994, thereby drawing a curtain on an era that had spanned almost three decades marked by remarkable growth and transformation within one of Newman College’s most crucial departments – Mathematics.
The Department underwent notable changes with the retirements of its Mathematics and Statistics HODs in 1999, namely Professors M.M George and Sr. Vincent Mary. Subsequent to their departures, Thomas Paily was appointed as HOD of Mathematics before retiring a year later in 2000. Dr. K.J John assumed the post of Statistics HOD from 1999 until his retirement from service in 2016 as Vice Principal. It is worth mentioning that Professor George Joson passed away on May 17th, 2004 while Sr Gracy Joseph served as Head of Department between 2000 and 2006. The department bade farewell to Professor Aney Joseph upon her retirement as HOD from the department 2011, while Professor Marykutty Thomas held this position until her own retirement back in 2013. Furthermore, it should be noted that Professor Nancy Jacob transferred to Newman College’s Mathematics department after serving at Pavanatma College Murickassery since 1999.
Professor M.C. Thomas assumed the position of Head of the Department from 2013 to 2015, retiring alongside Professors Baby Joseph and Geetha Joseph in the same year. Dr. Alice K.V. succeeded him as HOD in 2015, while Mr Pratheesh Mathew and Ms Dary John were appointed as Assistant Professors on January 1, 2016, with Dr. Sona Jose joining a month later on February 1, 2016. On March 31st, 2019, Dr Alive K.V. retired from her post and was replaced by Prof. Nancy Jacob as HOD. Fr. Dr Eldho K.Thomas was appointed as an Assistant Professor on December 1st, 2020 following Dr. Alice K.V.’s retirement. Mr. Pratheesh Mathew was transferred to Nirmala college as the HOD in June 2022 and Professor Nancy Jacob concluded her tenure on May 31st, 2023, and was succeeded by Ms. Dary John as the Head of the Mathematics department. It is worth mentioning that several adhoc faculty members have served in the department over the years. Throughout its journey, the department has cultivated exceptional
students who have gone on to become influential figures across a multitude of societal spheres worldwide. The department remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting holistic development among its students by encouraging their active involvement in NSS & NCC programs both within and beyond campus premises through various socially-conscious initiatives.

Vision: Undertake educational outreach and community engagement
that fosters advanced knowledge in diverse areas of mathematics
and supports current progress in science and technology.

Mission: To discover, mentor and nurture mathematically inclined
students and provide them a supportive environment that fosters
collaborative research and applications in Mathematical and
Statistical theory.

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