Faculty Publications

Faculty Involvement in Active Research Projects

Nature of the Project Title of the Project Funding Agency Principal Investigator Allotted Amount
Minor A Study  “On  the Limit Classifications of the Third-order Formally symmetric Differential Expressions” UGC Dr. K.V. Alice (Mathematics) 1,00,000
Minor Distributions with Zeros and Poles in the Laplace Transform or Generating Function UGC Dr. K.J. John (Statistics) 1,35,000
Minor A Study of Hopf Algebras UGC M.C. Thomas (Mathematics) 1,50,000
Minor A study on the Algebraic properties of Fuzzy Soft Set in Ring Structure UGC Dary John




Some of our faculty members are actively engaged in advanced Research

                           Research expertise with the institution

Sl No

Name Department Research Area


Dr. K.J. John Statistics Distribution Theory


Dr. Alice K.V Mathematics Differential Operators
 3 Dr. Jane A. Luke Statistics Statistical Quality Control & Design of Experiments
4 Dr. Sona Jose Mathematics Graph Theory



Academic publications of faculty

The papers published in international and national journals and edited volumes are as follows:

Number of research publications by faculty during 2008 – 2015


Sl. No


Name & Department

Number of papers in Journals/ Edited Volumes  

Total no. of papers


Proceedings/ Regional

International National
1.       Dr. Jane A. Luke, Statistics 4 1 3 8
2.       Dr Sona Jose 4 0 1 5


Sl. No. Name & Department Impact factor of the International Journal
1.       Dr. Jane A. Luke,  Statistics 1.779  (International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology)
2.       Dr. Jane A. Luke,  Statistics 0.994  (Quality & Reliability Engineering International)
3.       Dr. Jane A. Luke,  Statistics 0.288  (Communications in Statistics – Simulation & Computation )
5 Dr. Sona Jose , Mathematics 0.8 (Journal of applied Mathematics )


                                                     Paper Publications

                       Departments of Mathematics and Statistics
1.     Dr. Jane A. Luke, K.K. Jose (2013), “Comparison Between Two Process Capability Indices Using Generalized Confidence Intervals”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 69, 2793-2798.
2.     Dr. Jane A Luke,K.K.Jose (2013), “Comparing Two Process Capability Indices Under Balanced One-Way Random Effect Model”, Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Vol. 29, Pg. 165-172
3.     Dr. Jane A. Luke, Dais George (2013) “Sampling Distributions of the Estimators of Pareto Distribution” Vimala International Research Journal (Pure & Applied Sciences), ISSN 2347-3835, Vol. I
4.     Dr. Jane A. Luke, K.K. Jose (2012), “On Confidence Intervals for Process Capability Indices in One-Way Random Model”, Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation, 41(10), 1805–1815.
5.     Dr. Jane A Luke, K. K. Jose (2012), “Confidence Intervals for Process Capability Indices for the Unbalanced One-Way Random Effect Anova Model”, Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 28, 371–375.
6.     Dr. Jane A Luke, Dais George (2013) “Fuzzy Process Capability Indices” Proceedings of National Seminar on Process Capability Studies with Special Emphasis on Computational Techniques and Recent Trends in Statistics, 15-26.
7.     Dr. Jane A Luke (2010) “Generalized Confidence Intervals for Variance Components in Two-Way Random Effect Model with Balanced Data,”  Proceedings of UGC and KSCSTE Sponsored Seminar on New Trends In Applied Statistical Methodology, 59–72.
8.     Dr. Jane A Luke (2011) “ Confidence intervals for process capability index Cpk”, Proceedings of the UGC sponsored national seminar on Discrete Mathematics & Computational Statistics, 41-53
9.     Dr. Jain A. Luke and Dais George(2015) “Lower Confidence Limits for Process Capability Indices”, Catholicate Journal of Studies and Research, Vol.4(1&2), 25-32
10.  Alphy Joseph, Germina K.A., Sona Jose(2010) “Distance Neighbourhood Pattern Matrices in Graphs” EJPAM, 3, 4, 748-764.
11.  Sona Jose, Germina K.A., Alphy Joseph (2010)“Characterization of Distance Pattern Distinguishing Trees Using Matrices”, Proceedings of The First International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics, (AUS-ICMS’10), March 18-21.
12.  Germina K.A. and Sona Jose, (2011)“Distance neighbourhood pattern matrices of trees”,International Mathematical Forum, 6, 12, 591-604.
13.  Germina K. A. and Sona Jose , (2011) “Identifying graph automorphisms using dpd-sets”, Proceedings of International Conference on Algebra and its Applications, (ICOAA 2011), December 14-15.
14.  Germina K.A. and Sona Jose(2012) “A creative review on distance pattern distinguishing sets in a graph”, Journal of combinatorics, Information and system Sciences, 35, 219-228.
15.  Sona Jose, Germina K. A. (2014)”On the Distance pattern distinguishing number of a Graph”, Journal of Applied Mathematics, Hindavi Publications