Botany & Biotechnology


The Department of Botany was established along with the inception of the college in 1964. Till 1967, the department taught Botany to the pre degree science stream students and then onwards the department offered Botany subsidiary course to the under graduate students of Zoology main. In 1999, the department become a full fledged department with its own undergraduate course in BS. Botany Model II under Mahatma Gandhi University with Plant Biotechnology as vocational subject. Then onwards, the department is designated as Department of Botany & Biotechnology with faculty members of Botany and Biotechnology. Currently, the department offers Botany core course to BSc. Botany students, Botany complementary course to BSc. Zoology students and Biotechnology vocational course to BSc. Botany students. In addition, the department also offers UGC sponsored Add on programme in Plant Tissue Culture every year and different certificate courses for skill enhancement and employability.

The former faculty members of this department include Prof. Rev. Sr. Lisieux, Prof. Rev. Sr. Bertha, Prof. Cicily Sebastian, Prof. K. J. John, Prof. Mary V.D., Prof. Louis Ninan, Prof. Biniamma Abraham, Prof. Philomina T.V., Dr. Leena John and Dr. Stephen Joseph.

The department is equipped with DST- FIST supported laboratories for Botany and Biotechnology. From 2021 onwards, the department is supported under DBT Star College Scheme for a period of three years. The department also received infrastructural augmentation under RUSA scheme and UGC Addon scheme. The students of the department are selected for transdisciplinary research under UGC STRIDE programme. The department maintains a Botanical Garden and a good collection of well-preserved botanical specimens in the museum.