Vision of the Department

            The department facilitates students to discover themselves and grow as socially responsible professionals who foster wellbeing in the society.

Mission of the Department

To promote academic excellence and adequate practical exposure in varied fields of psychology to fuel mental health awareness and help students identify their domain in the sphere of mental health. The department also aims at dispersing this knowledge to the community and strives to improve the mental wellbeing of all students of the college to promote their holistic development.


 Overview of the department

Established in 2021, the Department of Psychology is one of the newest departments of Newman College, Thodupuzha. The department has laid its initial steps with a 3-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Psychology degree programme with a choice-based credit system. With an innovative course structure rooted in theoretical knowledge and practical exposure, the programme has a promising future. The department aims at providing students with high academic standards in psychology, ensuring an optimal learning environment and using adequate pedagogic methods that help students to address real-world problems efficiently. Seminars, experiential methodologies, laboratory training, conferences, workshops, field-based studies, film-based discussions and interactions with field experts will be used to mould empathetic and skillful mental health professionals.

The Department of Psychology, Newman College, is the only aided Psychology department in the high ranges of Kerala. The department organises vibrant monthly activities including awareness programs, poster making, discussions, invited talks, webinars and experience sharing sessions. The teaching learning process in the department is supported with practical and clinical experience of the faculty and use of interactive multimedia. The department adopts a student focussed approach wherein students are provided with all necessary skills and opportunities required for knowledge acquisition and at the same time ensuring autonomy and independence. Students are also provided with specialised training based on their performance on the post-admission test. The teaching methods include lecturing, topic discussions, use of audio-visual aids, experiential learning, peer tutoring, research project, assignments, seminars, awareness programs, invited talks, remedial coaching and experience sharing sessions.

Programme Offered under the Department-  B.Sc. Psychology Programme  (3-Year Aided)

Unique Features of the department

  • Well-equipped laboratory with adequate inventories and scales
  • Experiential learning opportunities through internships
  • Ample collection of psychology books and journals
  • Post Admission Test
  • Induction programs and bridge course for new admission
  • Guidance for master programmes for each specialisation in Psychology
  • Extension activities
  • Weekly value-based discussions