The department of Physics started functioning in the college during 1965 for the purpose of teaching ancillary subjects for graduate courses in other subjects and was elevated into the status of a fully-fledged department by the commencement of under graduate courses in the subject during 1981. The department has been elevated to the status of a Post Graduate Department during 1993 and is functioning as a Research Centre of the Mahatma Gandhi University from 2007 onwards with four affiliated research guides from the college as well as from the neighbouring colleges.

The Research activities of the Department focus on Biophysics, Astrophysics, Microwave Electronics and Material Physics. Department also have the facility to compute quantum effects and non-equilibrium ballistic transport in extremely scaled transistors, where a non-equilibrium Green’s function formalism (NEGF) has been used to study the quantum transport problem.

More than 30 international research publications were contributed by the Faculties of Physics department during the last five-years. Besides research in astronomy, the department of Physics is actively involved in Observational astronomy projects and astronomy popularization activities.