Beginning and the History

The Department of Hindi was started in 1964 with two members.Prof.N.V.Thomas was the Head Of the Department and Prof.K.A.sivaraman was on the staff.Prof.E.J.Margaret joined the department in 1969.Prof.T.M.Jose joined the
department in 1972.Smt.Sheela Isac joined the department later.After the retirement of Prof.K.A.Sivaraman ,Smt.Elsy Augustine joined the department in 1983.Sri.Sasidharan Nair M.joined the department against the vacancy of Smt.Sheela Isac who was transferred to Nirmala College,muvattupuzha in 1987.After that Smt.Lally Thomas and Smt.Shini Mathew joined the department in 1988.Prof.E.J.Margaret become the Head Of the Department in 1989.On Her retirement in 2000 Dr.Elsy Augustine assumed chrge as the Head Of the Department.After that Dr.N.Sasidharan Nair became the Head Of the Department in 2007.On his retirement in 2007 Smt. Lally Thomas assumed charge as the Head Of the Department.
Smt. Lally Thomas, the HOD of the department of Hindi retired from service in March 2018 and  Dr. Neerada Maria Kurian is transferred from Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha and appointed as the HOD of the department.

Part II Hindi is offered as additional language.