Title of Research Project Funding Agency Principal Investigator Allotted Amount
The State-Society Synergy in Rural Kerala with Special Reference to the Jalanidhi Project UGC Dr. T.M. Joseph (Political Science) 5,15,600
Affirmative Action and Dalits: A Study on the Elected Representatives in the Panchayats of Kerala ICSSR Dr. T.M. Joseph (Political Science) 2,68,750
Development of isora micro fibrils by a novel enzymatic method and its utilization for the manufacture of value added rubber products KSCSTE Dr. Lovely Mathew P (Chemistry) 7,75,500
A Novel Enzymatic Method for the development of isora micro fibrils and its utilization for the manufacture of value added natural rubber products UGC Dr. Lovely Mathew P (Chemistry) 9,50,000
An Analytical Study of Micro Finance through Credit Unions / SHGs in Kerala UGC Sri. A.J. Emmanuel (Commerce) 1,30,000
Isora-Fibre-A Natural Fibre for Product Design and Development of Engineering Materials UGC Dr. Lovely Mathew P (Chemistry) 80,000
Studies on Reproductive Biology, Seed Technology and Phytochemistry of Garcina Gummi- Gutta UGC Dr. Stephen Joseph (Botany) 1,13,600
Commodity Futures- A Study with Special Reference to Use of Rubber Traders in India UGC Sri. Joy Mathew (Commerce) 60,000
A Critical Evaluation of the Investment of Govt. of Kerala in State Level Public Enterprises UGC Dr. Johnson Varghese (Commerce) 50,000
Development of High Perfromance Polymer Nanocomposites using Nanofibres obtained from Isora Fibres: A Wood Substitute UGC Dr. Lovely Mathew P (Chemistry) 7,14,300
The Relevance of the Sociological Analysis of the Poetry of Vallathol in the Context of Globalisation UGC Rev. Dr. Raju Jacob (Malayalam) 90,000
A Study on the Limit Classifications of the Third-order Formaly symmetric Differential Expressions UGC Dr. K.V. Alice (Mathematics) 1,00,000
Cultural Identity and Minority Rights: A Study of Minority Rights with Special Reference to Article 30 of the Indian Constitution UGC Dr. P.A. Jose (Political Science) 50,000
Post Colonial Elements in the Novels of R.K. Narayan with Speicial Reference to the 'Vendor of Sweets', 'Waiting for the Mahatma', 'Painter of Signs' and Guide UGC Dr. K.V. Dominic (English) 60,000
Distributions with Zeros and Poles in the Laplace Transform or Generating Function UGC Dr. K.J. John (Statistics) 1,35,000
Science Motivational Training Program UGC Sri. R.K. Pillai (Physics) 1,75,000
A Study Hopf Algebras UGC Sri. M.C. Thomas (Mathematics) 1,50,000
Entry of Corporates into Retailing UGC Sri. Benny K.P (Commerce) 90,000
A Historic Perspective on Tourism Development UGC Sri. Benny K.A (History) 73,000
'I Love My Planet'- Science Popularisation Project KSCSTE Dr. Joe Jacob (Physics) 1,00,000