The Corporate Educational Agency, Diocese of Kothamangalam has decided to begin B.A. Degree Course in History in Newman College, Thodupuzha in 1967. It was started as a double main course with History and Economics papers. The Head of the Department at the inception was Sri.  Jacob Mathew.

Curricular Design & Syllabus

The Department of History has a syllabus that divided into Six Semesters. As the department is bound to the university rules, we have to follow the syllabus prepared by the Board of Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.

The syllabus touches different aspects of history like Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science Research, Kerala History and Culture; Indian History divided into Ancient, Medieval and Modern periods; World History of the Ancient, Medieval and Modern periods etc. In addition to this, the Department also offering Open and Choice Based Courses to the students. The Open Course offered in the 5th semester is
Social Implications of Modern Revolutions. Students from 8 other programmes attend the Open Course offered by this department. Similarly, the history students are given choice to participate in the open course offered by other Departments of our college.

Academic Seminars/Workshops Organized by the Department

Sl. No Title Nature Date
1 Archaeological Environmentalism Seminar 05/02/2009
2 History Through Cinema Lecture 15/02/2009
3 Philosophy of History Workshop 21/07/2010
4 General Informatics Seminar 25-27/11/2010
5 Challenges to Secularism in India Seminar 10/02/2011
6 Approaches to History Seminar 12/07/2011
7 Historical background of Renaissance Seminar 26/08/2011
8 Political History of Kerala Lecture 30/03/2012
9 Efflorescence Orientation 12/07/2012
10 Indian Environmental History Seminar 24-25/05/2014
11 Tourism Development and Environment Seminar 15-16/02/2017
12 Archival Exhibition Exhibition 08/03/2017