The Department of Botany was established along with the inception of the college in 1964. Subsidiary Botany course for B.Sc. Zoology main students was started in 1967B.Sc. degree course in Botany with Plant Biotechnology as vocational subject and Biochemistry as theallied subject was started in 1999. The former faculty members of this department include Prof. Rev. Sr. Lisieux, Prof. Rev. Sr. Bertha, Prof. Cicily Sebastian, Prof. K. J. John, Prof. Mary V.D., Prof. Louis Ninan, Prof. Biniamma Abraham, and Prof. Philomina T.V.

The department is equipped with three DST- FIST supported laboratories for Botany, Microbiology and Biotechnology. We have a small Botanical Garden and a good collection of well-preserved specimens in the museum. In addition to teaching; seminars, invited lectures, field trips, nature camps and visits to research centers form an integral part of the academic programme of the department. The faculty members hold responsible positions in the college for the smooth functioning of the different clubs and forums for supporting the students in developing their social commitment, cultural and literary talents. The department organizes various extension activities in collaboration with various supporting organizations like Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment, Kerala Agricultural University and Kerala Biodiversity Board.