Newman College


            The education system of India has witnessed a huge change with the introduction of high quality affordable and socially relevant syllabus. This has helped to harness the full  demographic dividend into the field of higher education. The immensity of human resources stands to the country’s advantage though there is a dearth of skilled workforce. The XII Five year plan has envisaged many initiatives, to narrow down this disproportion between demand and supply of skilled workforce. Community colleges form a prominent source to contribute efficient and skilled human beings to this pressing demand in the global scene.

Aims and Objectives

    1.   To make higher education relevant to the learner and the community by providing skill based education.

    2.   To provide the platform for students to join the workforce at the end of every year and to resume their education at a subsequent stage, may be after some years.

    3.   To provide for up-gradation and certification of traditional/acquired skills of the learners irrespective of their age.

    4.   To provide opportunities for community- based life-long learning by offering courses of general interest to the community for personal development and interest.

Courses offered

            The UGC has sanctioned one year diploma programmes in Dairy Science and Rubber Technology. On completion of first year the students are given a diploma in respective skill sector.

Instructors in Dairy Science on Contract

    1.  Ms. Steny Anna Varghese B. Tech                     9446475056

     2.  Sri. K.A. Thampan M. Sc                                      9847170300


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