Department of chemistry

The department of chemistry at Newman College was established and the academic functioning started in the year 1964, to teach chemistry in the intermediate courses. The pre-degree laboratory was setup during the year 1966, under the clever guidance of Prof. V. A. Mathew, Prof. V. J. George and Prof. Annie Philip. The tremendous all-round development of the department started in the year 1967, with the introduction of 3 year degree course in Chemistry under the leadership of Prof. V.A. Mathew as head of the department and Fr. Mathew Palamattam, who later become the principal of the college.  The department has been producing excellent results for the B.Sc. degree programme for the past four to five decades including many top ranks of the university.  The Department crossed yet another milestone when M.Sc. course in Chemistry was introduced in the year 2001.  In the current academic year the total strength of PG students and UG students are 29 and 130 respectively.  The curriculum of the UG course was revised in 2009-2010 academic year and choice based credit and semester system (CBCSS) was introduced.   Credit and semester system (CSS) was introduced in the post-graduate level during the 2012-2013 academic year.

The department of chemistry has faculty strength of 9, of which 4 have PhD and 1 has M. Phil. as their highest qualification. There full time research scholars are doing their Ph. D thesis under supervision of faculty members of chemistry department. Two major research projects are successfully completed and one is ongoing. One minor research project is also ongoing around this time. Extensive research activities, especially in the area of eco-design of materials and catalysis (Dr. Bejoy THOMAS), clean energy production (Dr. Alex Joseph), supramolecular chemistry (Dr. Cincy George), nanocellulose based biocomposites (Dr. Cintil J Chirayil). The research activities undergoing in the department are reflected in the number of outstanding publications, both in national and international peer reviewed journals. The teachers of the department often present their research works in national/international conferences and seminars. The department conducts an endowment lecture (V. A. Mathew memorial endowment lecture) and a quiz competition every academic year.

The department has excellent research facilities with two labs dedicated for research. These labs are sponsored by DST under FIST, UGC and KSCSTE. There is separate sophisticated instruments centre attached to the research laboratory. The state of art facilities include; UV-Vis DRS Spectrometer, FT-IR Spectrometer, UV-Vis Spectrometer, vacuum coating unit, roto-evaporatoer, low temperature ultracentrifuge (-20 0C, 20 kHz), muffle furnace, vacuum oven etc.

Associate Professors

1.  Sri. Jose Mathew M.Sc.   (HOD)                              223854, 9447985258

Assistant Professors                                     

2. Dr. Bejoy Thomas M.Sc., Ph. D.                                   9497579673

3. Ms. Sona John M.Sc. (on leave)                                    9562845410

4.  Dr. Cincy George M.Sc., Ph.D.                                    9447142289

5.  Dr. Alex JosephM.Sc., Ph. D                                       9447588791

6.  Dr. Cintil Jose Chirayil, M.Sc., Ph.D.                         9048994868

7.  Sri. Jithin Joy, M.Sc. , B.Ed                                        9895981293        

         Assistant Professor on Contract

10. Ms. Minju Francis, M.Sc.                                          8547811989