Scholarships & Prizes

Scholarships, prizes etc. are awarded by various agencies to encourage talented and hard working students.


Sponsored by Governmental Agencies


Name of Scholarship Eligibility
National Merit Scholarship Highest marks in the qualifying exam.
Teacher's Children Teacher's children with first class
Hindi Scholarship Marks in Hindi at the qualifying exam.
National Loan Scholarship Marks and income
Physically handicapped Students with Physical disabilities
Sports Scholarship Performance in sports / games
State & District Merit Scholarships Academic Merit
Harness fee concession Children of servants who died in harness
Political sufferer's fee concession Children of political sufferers
University Merit Scholarship Merit in each course
Rubber Board Stipend Children of Employees in Rubber Estates
Coffee Board stipend Children of employees in coffee Estates
Sainik Board Scholarship Children of Ex-service men
Govt. Employees Fund Children of Union Govt. Employees
Dependents of Toddy workers Children of Toddy Workers
Cardamom Board Stipend Children of C. B. Employees
Hodgron Scholarship for women Marks in English at DC
Toshio Deco Scholarship M.Sc Science students
Vincent Scholarship Children of Estate Employees




           The college has instituted the following awards sponsored by the benefactors, teachers and alumni. The awardees will receive the interest of the endowment given against each award subject to the conditions set forth in the guidelines for each endowment.

        Award                                    Instituted by                  Amount                                             deposited 


659   Mar George Punnakottil
        award for the Best NCC Cadet Dr. K.J. John                     81,910

K.       Sri. Joseph Kulathinal merit
2307    cum means award                        Sri. Joseph Kulathinal     1,07,896
(3113)(from among all students)

696   Sri K.D. Francis award for top
        scorer in SSLC among children
        of NTS, Newman College         Sri K.D. Francis                   4157

Department of English

699   Msgr. Mathew Palamattam      
        award for top scorer in             Msgr. Mathew Palamattom  6,327
        MA English (final)                   

270   Prof. Sr. Berchumans              Family of
2 (A) memorial award for top scorer Prof. Sr. Berchumans          2,500
        in Part I English (upto IV Sem)                                                   

272   Prof. Sr. Amanda memorial      Family of Prof. Sr. Amanda  2,500
 &     award for top scorer in
 39    BA English (upto IV Sem)       

688   Prof. Manuel Thomas               Family of
        memorial award for top scorer Prof. Manuel Thomas           6327
        in BA English (Final)               

687   Prof Elezabeth Joseph award
        for top scorer in MA English     Prof. Elezabeth Joseph        7,713
        (upto II Sem)                          

591   SABS sisters award for top      SABS Congregation           25,000
        scorer in MA English (Final)    

Department of Mathematics

698   Prof T.S. Chacko award for top                        Prof. T.S. Chacko 3,557
        scorer in B.Sc. Mathematics
        (upto IV Sem)                         

692   Prof. K. Bhaskaran Nair award Prof. Bhaskaran Nair           2,472
        for top scorer in M.Sc.
        Mathematics (Final)                

Department of Physics

38     Prof. U.V. John Memorial        
        award for top scorer in             Family of Prof. U.V. John     1,000
        B.Sc. Physics (upto IV Sem)   

693   Anusha Memorial award          
        for top scorer in B.Sc. Physics                                  Classmates 1,927
        (Upto II Sem)                          

Department of Chemistry

28     Prof. V.A. Mathew memorial
        award for top scorer in             Family of
        B.Sc. Chemistry                      Prof. V.A. Mathew               1,000
        (Upto IV Sem)                                                                           

95     Prof. P.C. Abraham award for
        top scorer in B.Sc. Chemistry Prof. P.C. Abraham             1,500
        (Upto II Sem)                          

691   Dr. K.U. Joseph memorial
        award for top scorer in             Family of
        M.Sc. Chemistry (Upto II Sem) Prof. K.U. Joseph              12,054

703   Prof. Lucy James merit cum
        means award (from among       Prof. Lucy James              48,417
        B.Sc. Chemistry students)

708   Sr. Jose Mary Memorial           Fr. Jose Mulanjananiyil      25,000

        Endowment for Quiz in Chemistry                                              

Department of Zoology

690   Prof. Kochuthressia Joseph
        award for top scorer in             Prof. Kochuthressia Joseph 5,219
        B.Sc. Zoology (Final)

Department of Botany

695   Prof. K.J. John award for top
        scorer in B.Sc. Botany (Final)  Prof. K.J. John                    3,557

590   Prof. Biniamma Abraham
        Award for Top Scorer in
        B.Sc. Botany (Final)                 Prof. Biniamma Abraham   20,000

Department of Economics

697   A.S. Gafoor memorial award
        for top scorer in                       Classmates                         3,557
        B.A. Economics (Upto IV Sem)

589   Rony M. Joshy memorial
        award for top scorer in             Family of
        B.A. Economics (Final)            Sri Rony M. Joshy          1,00,000

Department of History

702   Jins Jacob memorial award
        for top scorer in B.A. History    Classmates                         3,142
        (Upto IV Sem)                        

701   Golden Jubilee memorial
        endowment award for top         1997-80 BA History Batch  26,969
        scorer in B.A. History (Final)   

Department of Commerce

694   Prof. M.J. John Award for Top Prof. M.J. John                   6,327
        Scorer in M.Com (Upto II Sem)


581   Prof. V.A. Mathew Memorial     Family of                         150,000
        Lecture                                    Prof. V.A. Mathew

505   Mar Mathew Pothanamuzhy     Rev. Dr. Thomas            10,00,00
        Memorial Lecture                     Pothanamuzhy

574   Mar George Punnakottil           Mar George Punnakottil   100,000
        Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee
        Memorial Lecture

573   Prof. C.J. Thomas Memorial    Dr. Bijimol Thomas            75,000
        English Literery Quiz

704   Prof. K.S. Tomy Endowment    Prof. K.S. Tomy               107,125

689   Dr. George Joseph Endowment                      Dr. George Joseph 25,995
        Mathematics Quiz

220   NSS Award                              NSS                                     5000

219   NSS Award                              NSS                                     5000

686            Best Out goining student       College 12991
&700          Award